tragedy defined

Tragedy, as it happens, comes in many forms.  In life, I have identified three major areas of constant concern.  

  • Family (immediate, wife, daughters, granddaughter, etc.)
  • Back Home (mother, brothers, in-laws, nieces, nephews, etc.)
  • Work

I have always said that if I can have at least one of these areas in a good place then life is not that bad.  Here of late, it seems all three areas have been impacted in a somewhat negative way.

Home, well that is where the heart is supposed to be.  However, if that is true then my heart is in real trouble.  I found out today that not only does my car need brakes but also needs a new starter apparently.  Now, this car has not been driven for almost 5 years but it is just the idea that it will take more to get it roadworthy than I previously thought.  

We are going to need a bonafide miracle.  Praying daily for that miracle.  The upside is that I was able to procure a loan and a neighbor has offered to buy the car, warts and all over a period of time so problems may not be as dire as I thought.

Work has been challenging since I have four teams demanding a migration from the on-premises TFS servers to Azure DevOps.  Normally, this is not an issue but the test migrations have not gone well at all.  So once I can get them sorted out I believe work will be back on the up and up.

The problem with family back home is that a little over a year ago my dad passed away suddenly.  Well, it wasn’t really suddenly since he had been bedridden for about 8 years but it was definitely a surprise.  Perhaps, the shock would have been easier to handle if the news hadn’t arrived by text message.  Texts are so impersonal no matter how they are worded.  

If there is a death in the family, social media is not the appropriate means to disperse that particular news.  This has happened before when my brother passed away suddenly.  I was not aware of him being sick, he was found dead in his bed one afternoon by his step-father  I am still reeling from that bit of news. You just don’t get over the death of a brother quickly.  I personally believe deaths that are close to you like a dad and a brother changes you in some suprising ways. I seem to always think they are watching so I am more careful with my actions than I might have been before.

As far as I know, and been told, my mother is doing well as well as my other two brothers.  So there is a silver lining in that particular dark cloud.

Seeking to find the positive, our current car is still functional, the wife and I seem to be on better terms since the last row, we have had the granddaughter and she has been a delight.  So not all bad but definitely some work to be done to right the world as I perceive it.

Today, I do feel very frustrated and beaten down but I not out of the game yet.  I will work on my migration of projects issues to sort them out so work is back where it ought to be, I will get all my bills paid on time to prevent further damage to my credit rating and I will continue to work at coming to terms with my dad’s death but that one is hard because this is the man who I turned to for advice since I met him over 55 years ago.

So onward I go to brace for the unexpected and unexplained.  Fortunately, today is Saturday so I have very few obligations to deal with right now.  Looking forward to church tomorrow and having time to reflect and plan.  A brighter tomorrow, indeed.

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