Exercising Your Creativity for Mind Expansion and Fun As well as Potential profit

Due to having a quite boring job, I have resorted to exercises to stimulate my creativity which I find quite enjoyable. Most of these can be done while at work or at least while doing other suitably mundane tasks. Including these exercises in ones day can help break up the monotony and provide a respite of enjoyment that will carry one through the day in a most relaxed state.

1. Write an outline for a story about ones past

2. Write a poem to reflect how you are feeling at the moment

3. Using an app on your tablet or phone, and play a simple melody or add harmony to an existing piece

4. Write down an arbitrary conversation between yourself and someone from your past. They could be a family member who is alive, deceased or anywhere in between. They could be famous, infamous or imaginary. When was the last time you had a heart to heart with your childhood imaginary friend?

5. Write a basic outline for a favorite movie with a different ending.

6. Write a back story for a favorite character in a movie, book, TV show, etc.

7. Write lyrics for a love song to your spouse, significant other, cat, dog, pet canary or to God.

8. Imagine yourself going to a distant land and create the sights and sounds you would expect to experience as well as meeting a very special someone.

9. Replace the hero or heroine of a story (movie, book, TV show, etc.) with yourself and describe how you would have handled a particular scene that is particularly memorable to you.

10. Go back to the first girl/boy you fell for and write them a letter about your life and why you two should have been together including why it would have been a mistake, unless this person is someone you are married to of course.

These exercises are meant to stimulate you and give you a chance to think deeply about something not related to your current situation. Other than number 3, they all require writing in one form or another. This is because I tend to enjoy writing.

Another list one could use follows that does not involve any verbal skills whatsoever:

1. Draw a picture that reflects how you are feeling. Doesn’t have to be recognizable or particularly good, just a representation of how your feel within the limits of your particular drawing abilities.

2. Using a Styrofoam cup, draw a mural that wraps completely around the cup, without destroying said cup. This could be a scene from your life, a movie or another land you completely imagined. Plasticine porters and marmalade skies perhaps:?

3. Draw a picture of a device that you believe would be capable of flight. This could be something that currently flies that you modify or something completely imaginary like a rather large toothpick with fairy dust buckets straddling the rear of the toothpick.

4. Design a cover for your phone on paper. Color is optional.

5. Dig out your fashion sense and draw an outfit or two of clothes you would love to wear along with accessories that you would wear if societal norms really didn’t matter to you.

6. Given your vast experience in malls, design a mall with your own selection of stores and how you would organize the stores. Why not put a pet store next to a store with remedies for allergies. It’s your mall, go crazy.

7. Using nothing but curves, draw your dream house. No straight lines allowed. Living in a ball of yarn could be fun you know.

8. Create a new slogan and logo for the company you work for, this could actually be done at work to great effect or spell the end of your career depending on which way you decide to go with this one.

9. Imagine yourself in 25 years. What would your life be like? Where would you be working? Where would you live? What kind of car would you be driving? How would you have grown as a person if personal growth is important to you.

10. Looking at the technology available right now, try to come up with the next big thing or how you would see technology advancing in say personal phones, tablets, televisions, smellometer (avoid watching Dirty Jobs or the like with this feature turned on), enhanced flat screens (don’t laugh I know this is coming).

So now there are 20 ways to expand your mind and have tangible assets to boot. What you write could easily be added to a blog and thanks to scanners your artwork could be displayed for all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, US Mail, etc.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with (just remember everything you do does NOT need to be posted to the internet, some things just need to be kept to yourself). Drop me a line at sedarby@mac.com or visit my blog at http://www.sedarby.blogspot.com (a collection of articles that I have amassed over the last several years. Some good, some well, I apologize ahead of time due to their rudimentary value.)

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