Crazy Times – Time to Calm Down

Well as the world has gone absolutely nuts over the Corona Virus (COVID-19), I have watched and waited until it entered my sphere of influence.  It has now affected a person I admire and whose work I have enjoyed for many decades and my employer has now jumped into the fray.   #TomHanks has been an […]

Exercising Your Creativity for Mind Expansion and Fun As well as Potential profit

Due to having a quite boring job, I have resorted to exercises to stimulate my creativity which I find quite enjoyable. Most of these can be done while at work or at least while doing other suitably mundane tasks. Including these exercises in ones day can help break up the monotony and provide a respite […]


Generally speaking, death does not conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings. Quite on the contrary, the subject is generally brushed over or plain outright ignored. It affects us all but is the one topic most God-fearing, socially conscious, upright (and uptight) citizens of the world avoid at all costs. However, I have found great comfort […]

A Mild Introduction

Before delving too deeply into the subject at hand, it might serve to provide a bit of background and information about myself. First, I am a practicing Christian of the Baptist variety. However, I have been known to darken the door of quite a few churches that did not have the word Baptist in the […]