All hail Those who attempt to make us laugh

All through my life, I have admired those who could make people laugh.  Be it a romantic comedy, a sitcom or a standup comedian.  Here of late, my wife and I have embarked on seeing various standup comedians that we both admire which is a little difficult sometimes.  Recently we went to see Gary Owens since Gary and I share a similar home life (I, Caucasian, her African-American). On slate, this weekend is Christopher Titus.  I have known of Mr. Titus through his short-lived (3 seasons on Fox network is no joke) sitcom. In my spare time, I have been binge-watching comedians of old and modern times on YouTube. Some of my favorites are:

  • Steven Wright (deadpan at it’s best) 
  • Sam Kinison (snort a line and you too can wail like a banshee) 
  • Robin Williams (tragic but oh so funny) 
  • Richard Pryor (remembering sneaking a listen to him back in the ’70s as a kid) 
  • Chris Rock (just a funny dude with something to say which is not always popular but then again he is a comedian) 
  • D.L. Hughley (love his new TV show which is a filming of a radio show?  Oh well, he makes it work) 
  • Bernie Mac (his TV show was hilarious and his stand up on point if you could understand him) 
  • Jerry Clower (this one goes back to the ’70s.  One, my parents even approved of) 
  • Eddie Griffin (never heard the N-word so many times in a routine in my life) 
  • Bill Cosby (yes, even Bill Cosby who although disgusting was quite the funnyman in his day) 
  • John Candy (who doesn’t love a rotund, well-nourished guy?) 
  • Steve Martin (still quite the wild and crazy guy) 
  • Christopher Titus (angry rants and all and who else has suggested to arm the children?)
  • Gary Owen (a favorite around my house) as well.  

Some would say that anyone remotely funny will garner a laugh when the audience is adequately lubricated with copious amounts of various liquors, beers, wine and assorted other variations of alcohol.  But, as one who does not imbibe, I have still found occasion to chuckle at the rantings of some of these purveyors of the comic industry. 

My favorites seem to be those that poke holes in our well meaning cultural milieu.  Who doesn’t find racial (not racist) humor or the broader stance of ethnic funny enthralling at least if not full on funny?  Political humor seems to be popular (with the daily antics of Washington DC, there is so much material to work with). 

Being a devout Christian of the Baptist variety, I have even found religious humor that takes shots at our core beliefs to even have some effect for levity (where did Cain and Abel’s wives come from anyway?). Sometimes I find the questions and observations to be quite humorous as well as thought-provoking.  If your beliefs can’t stand criticism then I would review what I believe and why.

In general, I would say that many people have a comedic moment or two through their daily lives as they observe the absurdity of their environment but to stand up in front of a crowd who dares them to make them laugh, that is true bravery (or lunacy, I will let you decide).

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