A Night to Remember with Christopher titus​

After a couple of weeks of no money (well not no money, just the money I had in my wallet) and without a car (ignition quit working with the key, had to have the car towed home from Walmart, big drama) we have finally crested the butte of despair.  We ended up renting a car, a Chevrolet Malibu with keyless start (no key to fiddle with) and a nice Bluetooth stereo.  I believe we all need an accountability partner and the wife fills the bill nicely. So, while in Kansas visiting friends to help with their Alzheimer benefit, I purchased a couple of tickets to see Christopher Titus.

 The show started off nice enough.  What I didn’t initially know but was later surprised to learn was that his wife opens for him.  She had the usual woman empowerment message but did regale us with tales of her one and only audition for a commercial in LA.  She was funny enough and seemed to be so relaxed on stage without a bit of awkwardness which I have seen even with the best of comedians.  Then again, a room full of drunks can be a difficult audience.  I don’t know why but alcohol seems to excite the heckler in all of us.  Everyone thinks they are a comic and does their best to get a laugh at the expense of the one on stage with the microphone.  There were some chuckles to be had and overall she did a serviceable job warming up the crowd for the main attraction, her husband.  While between laughs, I looked around and noticed a significant proportion of the audience were middle-aged white folks.  I suppose that is Titus’s core given his material usually revolves around his views (middle-aged white guy views) and his distorted childhood.

 After a bit of build up, his wife introduced him which was not a little exciting since this was our first opportunity to see him live.  Oh, I’ve binge-watched his TV series he had on Fox back in the day and seen all of his specials so we knew a bit about him.  She let us know that since his last special Amerigeddon, he was now working on a new show with new material.  He calls this show “Stories I Shouldn’t Tell”.  He says it was “Stories I Couldn’t Tell” but some folks have died so here we go.  So, on he came to take the microphone with a pile of papers in this hand.  At first, I thought, this must be a prop for his act.  No, it was actually his jokes typed out on paper that he kept referring to throughout the show.

As the show, went on he did what we expected, jokes about family, horrible divorce, payback rearing kids and a good bit about his dad and mother as well as his sisters and brother.  His experiences raising his kids after his horrific childhood was delightful and that ex-wife, yikes! I did relate quite well to the divorce bit but he took it to a whole other level. I mean 12 years? I thought mine. was dragged out since it lasted 2 years.

The show was not exactly roll on the floor laughing but there was laughter and did not feel slighted in the least given the amount of time he spent rifling through the papers he brought with him.  

Actually, this gives me more incentive to write things down instead of winging it as I do with most of these blog posts.  Perhaps, a bit of planning could afford a better result.  So, I will now start writing bits and pieces of ideas down.  From this, I believe I can become more prolific in my writing attempts.

All in all, it was a great night and very enjoyable.  Now I just have to see who is coming to town so we can plan another night of dating and enjoy more laughter.  Life is so serious, I feel the need to laugh more and cry less.  I suggest that to all my friends.

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